Young Entrepreneurs Series

Young EntrepreneursDedicated to the up-and-coming! We’re showcasing the talents and businesses of entrepreneurs aged 5-25. By giving them a voice, we hope to help promote not only their vision but awareness of entrepreneurism as a viable option to traditional jobs. Both have their place, yet we often perceive entrepreneurs as “dreamers” and “radicals.” The truth is entrepreneurs drive growth and create opportunities. So let’s celebrate our young entrepreneurs!

Here’s how you can help: Submit the name and background of any young entrepreneurs you know. We’ll get in touch with them and hopefully showcase them right here on Back-Office Bulletin and give you a by-line so you’ll get some exposure as well. In fact, if you’re willing, we’ll let you conduct the interview! That’s a win-win-win for everyone!

Here are a few guidelines to remember:

  • Age: We’re focusing on entrepreneurs between the ages of 5-25 (as mentioned above). There are notable people who are older than 25, but we had to place a cap somewhere. However, nothing prevents you from mentioning others in your comments on posts in the series (as long as they relate to the topic at hand).
  • Industry: We have no target industry. Whether they run a for-profit business or are in a charitable venture, all are welcome.
  • Entrepreneurism: The main criteria is that the youth in question be the driving force behind the venture, whether as the originator, developer, or operator of the business (model) under consideration.
  • Additional: Since we can’t interview every person submitted (at least, we’re hoping we get more submissions than we can handle), our decision as to who we interview is final. We reserve the right to edit any submitted articles for grammar, content, and tone. Any images submitted become the property of this blog to use and re-use as we see fit (don’t worry; we only want to promote these amazing young people; that may mean posting images in other places, like our Facebook page or on our admin’s Pinterest page).
  • Disclaimer: We’ll post some more legal stuff to cover our butts later. Just understand that you agree retroactively to whatever rules we include. I know, that kinda sucks, but hey! Life is like that at times. Also, we may adjust the legalese from time-to-time. Continued participation constitutes acceptance.

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