We envision a world with a level playing field so small business owners can jump into the same global sandbox as the big boys without breaking their budget.

Global CompetitionHere at Back-Office Bulletin, we have a simple vision: A world where entrepreneurs in all their variety (intrapreneurs, solopreneurs, mompreneurs, etc.) can effectively compete for contracts once exclusively considered the realm of large organizations. That’s a bold vision, yet one that is so very attainable. Daily, advances in technology allow individuals and organizations to innovate more efficiently and market more effectively. Tech start-ups use 3D printers to shorten their development cycle. Virtual Assistants and PR professionals can affordably manage tasks for business owners such as accounting, SEO, and social media marketing/engagement, thus freeing owners to focus on business growth and improving customer experience. And, since our markets are increasingly global in scope, there are greater opportunities for small businesses than ever before. We want to take that landscape and turbocharge it so that even more people can open their doors, compete, and most importantly, thrive.

Yet, with all the wonderful advances in technology and services, the core of any organization’s success are the individuals in the trenches. We help fuel growth by helping to inform business owners and key people within organizations on the advances available. Just as importantly, we focus on the growth that takes place on the inside of these visionary people. Join us, and let us help you on your journey!

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