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Kerwyn HodgeI come from a background of business ownership and entrepreneurship. I had a paper route as a boy. I helped found a network installation and custom software firm. I worked as a freelance code consultant and project manager in NYC and Dingmans Ferry, PA. And now I work helping to protect the legal rights and identities of families, small businesses, and commercial drivers. I also remember being an employee, and understand the difference in mindset between the two. As business owners we understand that security is an illusion, and that we have to work day-by-day to make our futures successful. We welcome the challenges and the rewards overcoming them bring.

The Intrepid Traveler

Loving Life!

I love traveling and being outdoors. Experiencing a new culture, meeting new people, sampling new (sometimes exotic) foods all make life an enriching experience for me! I enjoy hiking, and have visited many parts of the United States to explore hiking trails. I’m hoping to travel internationally and hike other parts of the world as well. I’ve been fortunate enough to see a few other countries (without my hiking boots and walking stick) already, and plan on extending that list considerably in the near future.

As a Christian minister, and as a person who loves those around me, I’m involved in my community. I volunteer to help others learn the godly (and time-tested) principles found in the Scriptures, focusing on their practical application in our lives today. I bring that same faith and integrity to my business.

Let’s work together to meet the future head-on by taking the right steps today that lead to a prosperous tomorrow!

Visit my website, find me on Google+, or contact me at: 646-340-8087

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