About The “I’m NOT Featured on Freshly Pressed” Award…


The “I’m NOT Featured on Freshly Pressed” Award

I was recently nominated for the “I’m NOT Featured on Freshly Pressed” Award by Amy, who hosts Picking Up the Pieces. Because Amy is super special to me and we talk all the time, I know she nominated me because we’ve discussed being “Freshly Pressed,” and I lamented that I’m probably not edgy enough to stand out to the Automatticians who make the selections. Oh sure, on occasion I’ll toss in a very slight dash of irreverence – but you have to look long and hard to find it.


Me being stubborn: Why I decline the “I’m NOT Freshly Pressed” Award

When she nominated me for the Award, I know she did it as a way of showing support and letting me know that I’m appreciated regardless of whether or not WordPress acknowledges me on Freshly Pressed. However, I’m ambivalent about accepting. While I see the award as a fun, slightly snarky jibe at the award process surrounding “Freshly Pressed” nominations, the fact is I look forward to being Freshly Pressed! While the “I’m NOT Featured on Freshly Pressed” Award states you can still hope for WordPress recognition even while accepting and proudly displaying the badge, it seems a bit like either admitting defeat or being resigned to my present circumstances. I’m prepared to do neither. I’m stubborn like that. Sue me. With that in mind, I can’t conscientiously nominate others for the award. Although they may not agree with my reasoning, I couldn’t ask someone to accept something I’m refusing, no matter how good-natured my intentions in making the nomination.

Therefore, I respectfully decline the award – but I gratefully acknowledge the nomination and wholeheartedly make mention of the initiative for what it is. Thanks to Amy for considering me, and to Don Charisma for his tongue-in-cheek take on the whole blogger award process. I love you guys!

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About Kerwyn Hodge

Kerwyn Hodge has been an entrepreneur from early on. He’s been both a worker and manager, predominantly in the design and construction industry. Kerwyn transitioned to the Direct Selling industry, and joined LegalShield in July 2009. He works with businesses of all sizes, helping to protect the legal rights and identities of employees and their families, as well as helping to protect and grow small businesses with 100 employees or less. Check out his blog at https://kerwynhodge.wordpress.com. You can reach him at 646-340-8087, or via email at kerwynhodge@gmail.com

6 thoughts on “About The “I’m NOT Featured on Freshly Pressed” Award…

  1. The point of my including you was to call attention to the fact that what really matters above and beyond Freshly Pressed fame, what truly matters is the impact that you have on your followers… the ones who benefit from what you say regardless of status. It isn’t status that makes us a success, but the connections you are able to forge through the care, attentiveness, and effort you put into EVERY post you share with us. And I just wanted to reassure you that what you are doing here DOES matter and IS noticed by the ones who visit these pages. More than information, you are helping each of us in some way become better versions of ourselves. This matters more than any status can.

    • I always appreciate reassurance, and yours is particularly welcome! You’re right; status is not a measure of success. Being “Freshly Pressed” won’t make me successful. However, it probably will boost my REACH, and that’s always a good thing. But, any self-deprecating statements aside, I’m honored knowing you and others find benefit from what I do, and I thank you for the support! 🙂

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