Put Your Business and Your Family Under the Shield

Get Under the ShieldI don’t often write product specific articles, especially if the product is my own. While sharing general knowledge about the industry and the benefits of access to legal services is fine, I tend to avoid discussing the various plans LegalShield offers because I don’t want anyone to think I’m pushing a service. Today I’m making an exception because the time has come for this particular service to shine!

I sell legal service plans from LegalShield to families, small business owners, and commercial drivers. I focus on the Small Business and Employee Benefits divisions of the company since they work hand-in-hand to protect both the company and the people who keep it running smoothly. That there is a need for these services is well-established. For example, Brett Nelson wrote an article entitled Seven Sadly Common Mistakes When Forming a New Company that shared insights from Steven Gladstone, an attorney with over 40 years experience forming companies and managing legal risk. His insights showed that having access to qualified legal help, not simply finding online forms or receiving general information, is critical. Additionally, Voluntary Benefits Magazine ran the article Voluntary Legal Plans and Identity Theft Protection – Peace of Mind for Employees and Employers where they interviewed Rip Mason, CEO of LegalShield. He shared how our legal and identity theft plans help families cope with today’s legal challenges. Finally, Decision Analyst, Inc. conducted two research studies commissioned by LegalShield to examine the legal needs of American families and small businesses. Both studies clearly showed not only the need for on-call access to legal counsel but also the willingness to use such counsel if it was affordable and easy to access. We’re helping to fill that need.

The Small Business division offers a number of products designed to meet the needs of various businesses. Our flagship product, the Business Owners Legal Solutions Plan (BOLSP), blends legal access with email access to business consultants with a host of disciplines to provide businesses with 100 employees or less the advice they need to meet the myriad challenges they face (for more details, see the Small Business link under the LegalShield menu above). At $75.00 per month with no long-term contract, this product is a steal, and most business owners see it that way. Typically, most owners choose to protect their families as well, adding a Family Plan and our Identity Theft Shield for $26.00 and $9.95 respectively (there are different options, but these are the most popular). For $110.95, the owner, his or her family, and the business have a suite of services that provide peace of mind and a competitive edge. However, not all business owners have the same needs. While access is important to all, some don’t need all the features of the BOLSP, or at least not the quantity of certain aspects it provides. And, of course, they still want to protect themselves and their families personally.

Enter the Legal Plan for the Self-Employed (LPSE). A hybrid plan combining personal and business protection, it is just what the doctor ordered for some small businesses.

The Best of Both Worlds

Designed with smaller companies in mind (up to 8 employees), the LPSE provides the following features:

For Your Family

  • Preventive Legal Services. Covered family members receive the following benefits.
    • Legal Consultation. Telephone consultation for an unlimited number of personal matters. Get the advice you need without worrying about the cost.
    • Letters and Phone Calls. When your Provider Attorney feels it’s in your best interests to do so, they can make a phone call on your behalf or write a letter on their letterhead representing you, one per subject matter each membership year for personal issues.
    • Document review. Have a qualified attorney review your personal legal documents up to 10 pages in which you are a contracting party.
    • Will Preparation. Membership entitles primary members to a standard Will with yearly updates at no additional cost. Covered family members may have a Will prepared for only $20, and yearly updates for only $20.
  • Motor Vehicle Legal Services. Available 15 days after enrollment, members receive assistance with moving traffic violations, including representation in court. This covers certain motor vehicle related criminal charges often excluded from auto insurance policies. Additionally, the plan provides up to 2½ of help with: Drivers license assistance and personal injury/property damage collection assistance of $2,000 or less.
  • IRS Audit Legal Services. This plan provides up to 50 hours of professional services from your Provider Law Firm (including 3½ hours of pre-trial time). Coverage includes Schedule C, and begins with the return due on April 15th of the first membership year.
  • Trial Defense. The plan provides a schedule of hours if a covered member is a named defendant in a civil or job-related criminal suit, beginning with 75 hours in the first year and capping at 335 hours in the fifth year.
  • 24/7 Emergency Assistance. If a covered member is ever questioned, arrested, or detained, seriously injured, served with a warrant, or the state tries to take your child(ren), you have access to after hours consultation in these emergency situations. Talk about peace of mind!
  • Other Legal Services. Members receive any other personal legal services not otherwise covered by the plan at a 25% discount from the standard hourly rate of the Provider Attorney.

For Your Business

  • Preventive Legal Services. Similar to the Family Plan, you receive the following services to help you make better business decisions:
    • Legal Consultation. Telephone consultation for an unlimited number of business matters.
    • Letters and Phone Calls. When your Provider Attorney feels it’s in your best interests to do so, they can either write a letter on their letterhead or make a phone call on behalf of your business, up to three per month, one per subject matter.
    • Document review. Have a qualified attorney review 3 business contracts and 3 business documents up to 15 pages each calendar month. Additionally, your Provider Attorneys can review one executed contract up to 15 pages each month, all at no additional cost.
  • Other Legal Services. Provided at a 25% discount from the standard hourly rate of the Provider Attorney.
  • Business Services through GoSmallBiz. In addition to the legal benefits, you also receive the following:
    • Business Questions Answered. GoSmallBiz.com gives you 24 hour access to answers from a team of top business consultants, in-house staff, and GoSmallBiz business partners, typically by the following day.
    • Timely Small Business Articles. We all need to keep on top of things happening that impact our business. From tech trends to business insights, GoSmallBiz.com puts this information at your fingertips in one easy-to-navigate portal.
    • Internet Presence. If you’re reading this, you already know the value and power of the Internet. As part of your membership, we give you the ability to create up to a five-page website that we host, all as part of your monthly membership.

The services speak for themselves, and any business owner can appreciate the value and protection this plan provides. Here’s where the real magic happens: The cost of the plan is only $49 a month, and there is no long-term contract involved! If a business owner qualifies for this plan, and let’s say also opts to cover his or her family with our Premium Identity Theft Shield for $19.95 a month (which provides additional benefits than our most popular plan), they can have a complete wall of legal and identity theft protection for the family and business for only $78.95! That’s just a few dollars more than the cost of the BOLSP alone! To put it another way, for about the cost of one hour of a professional’s time a person can have all the services mentioned above each month.

There are some restrictions and exclusions (not all states allow us to offer the LPSE), and circumstances vary. Some businesses that qualify for the LPSE are better served by the BOLSP. Give me a call so we can discuss your particular needs and circumstances, then find the plan that best suits your needs (we have many). LegalShield wants to make equal access the right of the many instead of the privilege of a few. I personally want to help as many business owners as possible get the help they need to remain competitive and protect their most precious assets. Together, let’s work to make that happen!

DON’T FORGET: We’re giving away prizes for readers who share their opinions! Get all the details here!


3 thoughts on “Put Your Business and Your Family Under the Shield

  1. You don’t do this often, but seeing that this *is* a business blog and legal service plans *are* your business.. there’s nothing inappropriate from posting about LegalShield every so often, especially since your audience is growing. Besides, I am sure that there are plenty of readers who aren’t aware how functional and affordable legal plans are.

    As I am sure as is the case with many people, I never thought about legal representation without immediate necessity. Most people call them when the situation arises, which is expensive. Those who do have an attorney generally have one who specializes in wills, etc., or something tax related. But just try getting advice from them about a child support case…

    After December, when I had just left an abusive relationship, my credit was destroyed, finances wiped out, and there were other legal issues immediately related to the abuser that I needed help handling. Past that, as I left everything behind the morning I left, he had possession of all my financial records. And I had no idea where to begin. With Kerwyn’s help, I purchased a plan, and, seeing that he had access to my social security number from tax forms, etc., I also purchased an identity theft monitoring service.

    When the creditors started calling and getting nasty, it was a comfort to know I could pick up that phone, explain to the rep what I needed so the appropriate attorney.. one who *specializes* in the area I have a concern about.. can call back. They say within 48 hours, but I have always gotten a call before the end of the day, even if it is late in the afternoon. Since you pay the membership fee every month, you do not get charged with a consultation fee, and they give you very specific advice based on your needs. In the case of the creditors, the attorney told me the steps I needed to take, what I should request, and how to respond to them if they became uncooperative. I have also used them for consultation for back taxes and credit card charges related to the abuser, in addition to clarification on what reports I needed to file against him.

    It’s something so simple; I don’t know how I ever went without it to begin with.

    • It’s been a WHILE since I posted something LegalShield specific, and I don’t focus on the LPSE because (unfortunately) it’s not available in the state of NY. But it definitely fills a need in a very affordable way. I’m hoping LegalShield can introduce a similar product here sometime in the (hopefully near) future.

      Thanks for that personal testimony! It really helps knowing that the service serves the needs of our members. 🙂

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