Are You Ready for an AMAZING Career?!

The Amazing Career ProjectThere’s less than two days left! “Two days left for what?!” you ask? To join Kathy Caprino and her Amazing Career Project Group Coaching Program, that’s what! Why all the hubbub? Let me explain.

If you know Kathy Caprino, then you know she’s the real deal. With a combination of wit, wisdom, and genuine caring for women entrepreneurs and the challenges they face, she’s spent years imparting her collective knowledge and experience one-on-one. Now she wants to reach even more people, yet still maintain the effectiveness and personal attention that is a hallmark of everything she does. Thus was born The Amazing Career Project. Make no mistake, this isn’t just someone who wants to ‘be a guru’ offering a program. She has both the statistical and anecdotal evidence to back up everything she teaches.

If you don’t know Kathy, but you know me, then think about this: When was the last time you heard me endorsing a program? Probably never, since I do it so infrequently. Sure, I may tell you about something I read and share that info, but to actually encourage you to enroll in a course? That’s rare. Yet that’s exactly what I’m doing today!

However, enough from me. Allow Kathy to put it all in perspective for you:

You may be in the midst of career inertia, feeling your career trajectory is off target.

If that’s true, there’s no better time than now to chart a course toward more happiness and greater success on your terms.

Your career may look like a success on the outside but you feel bored, unfulfilled, or unrealized on the inside. Maybe you:

  • Feel stuck in a career you somehow “landed in” that now isn’t right for you
  • Know there’s a better way to work but can’t seem to make it happen
  • Dream of making a bigger impact engaged in work you really care about
  • Want a great career but also want to spend more quality time–engaged and present–with your family
  • Have a big dream and need some guidance, support, and structure to get moving on it once and for all

It’s possible to break the inertia of your current career and break through to more fulfilling work. In fact, your breakthrough might be right around the corner.

Women who create careers based on their own passion and personal potential are happier at home, more successful at work, and more impactful in the world.

That’s an amazing career.

And my new Amazing Career Project Group Coaching Program can help you build one.

I’ve poured everything I’ve learned through my own career reinventions and through working with over 10,000 women to build careers they love into The Amazing Career Project.  It offers:

  • 16 weekly training videos on the most important topics for career breakthrough
  • 16 weekly group coaching calls with Kathy
  • 16 tailored homework assignments to move you forward
  • Kathy’s hand-picked collection of premier resources for additional support and learning
  • A private online support network and vibrant community for all attendees
  • Significant Discounts to Kathy’s private coaching office hours for additional, hands-on support
  • SPECIAL BONUS! Kathy’s personalized recommendations about important next steps for you, based on your responses to her Career Path Self-Assessment survey

…all aimed to help you break through from feeling stuck, unfulfilled or wanting more in your career and professional life, to feeling like you’re doing the work you’re meant to, and balancing your family life and outside interests well at the same time.

If you believe you were made for different things than you’re doing and have the confidence to dream big and go for the amazing happiness, success and reward you long for, I hope you’ll register today.

And be one of the first 10 registrants and win a 20-minute FREE career strategy call with Kathy!  Act now (enrollment ends July 25).

Here’s what people are saying:

“I finally have the roadmap to my future and the confidence to execute! Kathy is brilliant, empathetic and honest. A winning combination!” -Beth Bryce, Founder, Girls2Women Coaching

Click here for more info and to register:


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