For Women, By Women – Blogging Networks to Note!

Lady BloggerJoel Comm (a LinkedIn rock star and all around great guy) posted about the current blogging landscape (read all about it here). He highlights what anyone whose synapses are firing knows: Women greatly influence the economy. What’s likely less known is blogs lead that influence. He cites statistics from Nielsen that are revealing: Out of 181 million blogs analyzed, the majority belong to women between the ages of 18 and 34, one-third are mothers, and over 50% are parents with children under 18. How does this all help you?

We are She Is Media. Hear Us Roar!

With the rise of women bloggers comes the advent of women’s blogging networks. In his post Joel highlights one, She Is Media. Their goal is simple, as stated on their About page: “Our only goal is to support you and be your partners in the journey of affiliate marketing.” Since women have been sharing with one another long before the term “blog” ever existed, it seemed a natural extension that they would share with one another in a more significant way online. That also highlights another key factor: While the site dedicates itself to helping women maximize affiliate marketing, it’s really all about integrity. You can’t imagine a good friend telling you about a great, unadvertised one-day sale at your favorite department store or a 2-for-1 special on your favorite high-fiber, great tasting cereal at the local supermarket simply because there was a monetary incentive. No, she shares because it’s a great deal, and she wants you to know about it! If she happens to benefit from it, that’s okay because you’re still getting a great deal. It’s that honesty, that openness which makes the recommendations of women who blog so powerful, and She Is Media understands that. Tricia Wackerly and crew saw the need for “a strong, dynamic and supportive platform for women bloggers, so [they] created one.” Keep an eye out for them. They shot out of the blocks running, and I don’t see this passionate group of ladies slowing down any time soon!

Reinventing the Landscape:

Back in 2009, Lisa Stone, one of the founders, wrote an article about this remarkable network. Four years old at the time, grew so successfully that they competed with some of the largest women’s magazine publishers for their share of Fortune 500 advertising dollars. The significant thing is this happened at a time when traditional freelance writing markets dwindled, making the network appealing to women writers. However, BlogHer is more than a network. They’re a media company, and those accepted as members and following their guidelines receive compensation for their work. According to their Vision page, since 2009 BlogHer has paid $25M to some 5,000 bloggers and social media influencers. To ensure quality, BlogHer provides a host of services, including guidelines (mentioned previously) and editors to insure authors adhere to them. In return, bloggers receive compensation through ad revenue sharing, and in some cases a flat fee per post. This can create a decent income, and some bloggers earn five-figures, which supports them. Additionally, BlogHer accepts men as part of the network. Finally, hosts events and invites people to attend, participate, and connect.

Other Resources

Naturally, these are not the only resources out there. Just do a search for “women’s blogging networks” on any of the major search engines and a host of results appears. Right here on WordPress, we have the Arizona Bloggers Network, who describe themselves as “a network of female bloggers, over the age of 21, who share their interests, life, and passions through a blog.” Additionally, you’ll find quite a few women participating in the A.W.O.L. Project which helps people achieve what for many were unbelievable levels of success through blogging.

Each network offers a different set of services. The two mentioned previously focus not just on connecting women but helping them monetize their blogging efforts. How can you take advantage of what’s out there?

Try these simple steps:

  • Decide what inspires you. If you’re looking to earn an income blogging, it can’t be a hobby. It takes a level of dedication and a need to stick to a schedule. The thing that keeps you going when you don’t want to sit down and write (yes, you will experience those days) is your passion about your subject. So pick topics that get your blood racing and your heart pumping!
  • Start writing. The most important thing is getting started. Sure, there are technical things to learn, and guidelines to follow (especially if you join BlogHer). Yet writing good quality articles is at the heart of everything. The technical stuff you can learn along the way.
  • Invest in learning. While content is at the core, you do have to learn some things. Therefore, make a diligent effort to learn. You’ll need to invest one of your most precious possessions: time. Additionally, an investment of money is normal, though typically not at the same level as your time investment. Here are some resources that can help:
    • One Cool Site. Timethief shares some incredible resources and insights on all things blogging. Although she focuses on, her tips are valuable to all bloggers. Make sure to check her out!
    • The Red Ink. Amanda Clark and crew over at Grammar Chic, Inc. maintain this blog about all things related to good content marketing and social media presence. They show you what to do, what to avoid, and how to make a graceful recovery so that putting your foot in your mouth doesn’t leave a lingering aftertaste of shoe leather.
    • Beyond PR. The crew at PR Newswire maintain this blog devoted to crafting great releases, social media involvement, content marketing, and (one of my favorites) their Grammar Hammer feature which helps you avoid grammatical guffaws and other flubs that can foil your efforts at presenting your best side to the online world.

I could list more, yet these are some I find most useful in keeping up to date with all things blogging. You’ll develop your own list in time

There has never been a better time for women to enter the social media marketplace, and blogging is an effective point of entry. As part of a comprehensive social media strategy, it’s a powerful tool in your belt to help you build the business and life you want. Use the networks and resources mentioned to help you claim your stake in this ever-expanding market!

What are some of your blogging experiences? Share your stories and observations in the Comments below.


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