It’s Time to Revisit Napoleon Hill!

English: Napoleon Hill, American self-help wri...

English: Napoleon Hill, American self-help writer, attorney and journalist, seated in a chair holding his book “Think and Grow Rich”. (three-quarter length portrait) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our “Attributes of Leadership” series was a big hit among readers (to this day, those posts are among the most visited on the blog). We promised to look at other aspects of personal development raised by Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich, among them “The 10 Major Cause of Failure in Leadership.” Starting this weekend, we’ll begin our examination of the following factors causing leaders to flop:

  • Inability to Organize Details
  • Unwillingness to Render Humble Service
  • Expectation of Pay for What They “Know” Instead of What They Do With What They Know
  • Fear of Competition From Followers
  • Lack of Imagination
  • Selfishness
  • Intemperance
  • Disloyalty
  • Emphasis of the “Authority” of Leadership
  • Emphasis of Title

No doubt you’ll recognize some of those points from the previous series as we touch on them slightly in discussing the attributes of leadership. Now we can examine each of the above in more detail.

To make this interesting, I invite you to submit a post if you wish to guest blog on the above topics. I’ll post guidelines for guest blogging in the next few days, so look for a new page with the details. (UPDATE: We’ve posted guidelines for guest blog submissions. See “Guest Bloggers” on the Menu above) Most importantly, please share your insights, experiences, and give general feedback on anything you read. Your opinions matter!


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