B.O.B. and Facebook: The Winning 1-2 Combination!

Back-Office Bulletin began with a simple vision: Leveling the playing field so small business owners can play in the same sandbox as the big boys without breaking their budget. I see a world where entrepreneurs in all their variety (intrapreneurs, solopreneurs, mompreneurs, etc.) can effectively compete for contracts once exclusively considered the realm of large organizations. We create that vision by keeping our ear to the ground and our finger on the pulse of what affects small business. We share our own insights and that of respected leaders within the worldwide business community. We only publish twice a week, which leaves a lot of space in between posts. During that time things happen, business leaders share relevant information, and government agencies release rulings and updates. How can we keep up with all that happened in-between posts?

A Winning Combination

Every fighter knows that a good combination is critical to victory. We also recognized a need for feeding more information to our subscribers. That’s why we created our Facebook page. Throughout the day we post links to relevant articles designed to relay useful information, enlighten readers to new possibilities, and engage subscribers in discussion. If you haven’t visited recently, here are a few excerpts from recent days:

This is No Fish Story!

Maddie Robinson of Fish Flops (courtesy of Forbes.com)

Madison “Maddie” Robinson is a typical 15-year old with one significant difference. Her company Fish Flops sells footwear for $25 a pair. Maddie’s been creating her stylish designs since 2006. She recently made a pitch to a few national retailers, and her company signed a deal with both Macy’s and Nordstrom. Currently, she’s sold over 60,000 pairs, resulting in more than $1,000,000 in sales. Now she’s expanding her offerings into apparel, books she writes, and an upcoming video game app, making her a full-blown brand. Not bad, chica!

“Dream On” Isn’t Just an Aerosmith Song

Michelle Holmes talks about John Richardson and “Dream On” (courtesy of Michelle-Holmes.com)

Ever been told to “dream on”? Chances are it wasn’t meant as an encouragement. We’re all told to get our heads out of the clouds and keep our feet planted firmly on the ground. There’s a definite need for practicality. Yet when it comes to our vision of life and designing a life of abundance, our dreams are powerful! We can’t let anyone steal them from us! Michelle Holmes discussed the value of our dreams are and why we need to guard them aggressively. This lady definitely rocks!

Image is Everything

With Facebook Ads, image is everything! (Courtesy of Shutterstock.com)

While we certainly don’t advocate a vain focus on appearance, image is an absolute necessity when it comes to Facebook in general, and when advertising on Facebook in particular. The folks over at Shutterstock excel at creating compelling visual images that inspire engagement. They offer some keen insights on creating or selecting the best images to complement your advertising. By combining insight into your product, your competition, and your target market, you can choose the images that are right for you and the message you send.

Forget about B.O.B. – What About YOU?!

As we noted, part of our mission is to engage you, our readers, in the discussion. Between this blog and our Facebook page, we’re delivering a winning 1-2 combination (at least we like to think so)! However, you can help, and you can do that a couple of ways:

  • Take our Blog Reader survey. This will let us know what you like, what you don’t like, and what you want to see. This allows us to adapt what we publish so that it’s more useful to you.
  • Post comments. This real-time feedback gives us critical insight into how useful a particular article, post, or event is to you. Even more than the website survey, your comments help us tailor content on-the-fly.
  • Write articles. If you’re interested in sharing your views on a topic, let us know and we can have you write a post as a guest blogger. We’ll include a page with guidelines later this week. This can give you additional exposure. Just as importantly, it allows others to benefit from your insights.

As always, your opinions are welcome and, frankly, needed. As hard as we try, we’ll never fully understand the challenges you face unless you tell us about them. So get even more involved and reap the benefits in the form of continued and increasingly more beneficial information. We look forward to hearing from you!

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About Kerwyn Hodge

Kerwyn Hodge has been an entrepreneur from early on. He’s been both a worker and manager, predominantly in the design and construction industry. Kerwyn transitioned to the Direct Selling industry, and joined LegalShield in July 2009. He works with businesses of all sizes, helping to protect the legal rights and identities of employees and their families, as well as helping to protect and grow small businesses with 100 employees or less. Check out his blog at https://kerwynhodge.wordpress.com. You can reach him at 646-340-8087, or via email at kerwynhodge@gmail.com

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