Teach, Lead, Inspire!

This is a bonus post highlighting a spectacular upcoming event!

Although we haven’t met in person, I feel Denise Patrick‘s positive presence and gentle but determined drive through our online exchanges. That’s why it’s a pleasure to promote the upcoming event, Teach Lead Inspire: Healing to Our Purpose. Take a look at the video above and you’ll see what I mean. You’ll also get an idea of the topics covered by Denise and her co-presenters, which surely whets your appetite to attend!

The second of the three presenters, Jessica Janniere, is someone I have had the privilege to meet in person. Jessica and I have worked closely in one of her many projects. She’s smart and sassy, witty and whimsical, fascinating and funny. Operating from integrity born of faith, she works tirelessly to help others achieve their dreams by laying out a game plan each can implement without totally disrupting their lives. She’s sure to share some game-changing insights!

Click below and register for the event; you know you want to, and you’ll be glad you did!

Teach Lead Inspire: Healing to Our Purpose

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Kerwyn Hodge has been an entrepreneur from early on. He’s been both a worker and manager, predominantly in the design and construction industry. Kerwyn transitioned to the Direct Selling industry, and joined LegalShield in July 2009. He works with businesses of all sizes, helping to protect the legal rights and identities of employees and their families, as well as helping to protect and grow small businesses with 100 employees or less. Check out his blog at https://kerwynhodge.wordpress.com. You can reach him at 646-340-8087, or via email at kerwynhodge@gmail.com

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