Say “Y.E.S.” to the Emerging Entrepreneurs!


English: NAVAL AIR FACILITY ATSUGI, Japan (Jan. 9, 2010) Capt. Eric Gardner, right, commanding officer of Naval Air Facility Atsugi, buys boxes of Girl Scout cookies from Girl Scouts at the base commissary. The Girl Scouts of Troop 73 sell cookies to Atsugi community once a year. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Steven Khor/Released) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You see them everywhere. Young people with lemonade stands, delivering papers, or selling candies in the subway (here in NYC). Young entrepreneurs. Some just barely dip their feet in the water (selling Girl Scout cookies, school candies, bake sales for their local church). Others make it a serious enterprise. People like Dylan Siegel who, at 6 years of age, wanted to help cure the disease of his 7-year old friend Jonah Pournazarian, who suffers from Glycogen Storage Disease 1b. His parents told him to host a bake sale or open a lemonade stand. He had other ideas. He decided to write a book, sell copies, and donate the proceeds. Crazy? So far he’s raised over $175,000 and has his sights set on $1,000,000! I personally think he’s going to make it (check out his story). Or take 12-year old Jason O’Neill, creator and owner of Pencil Bugs. He found a way to put fun back into school work and created an industry around it.

These are two examples out of many I can rattle off. Some of them, like the two young men mentioned above, receive national attention. Others go largely unnoticed. Sometimes, others actually try to discourage them. Here at Back-Office Bulletin, we want to celebrate these exceptional young people! So we’ve started our Y.E.S. campaign, and we want your help. Here’s how it works:

  • Submit your entry. If you know of a young person who is a budding entrepreneur, let us know by posting a comment here, or on our Young Entrepreneurs Series page (visit the page for more guidelines on submissions). Tell us who they are, what type of business or operation they run (charitable enterprises are also candidates), and how we can get in touch with both them and you.
  • Create a post. If we choose your candidate, we’ll reach out to get more details. Then, either you can write a post featuring the young person, or we can help you create an article and give you credit. This way, you’ll get some exposure as well.
  • Participate in the reviews. Getting a write-up is great. Having people comment on the article and interact with you is even better! So we want you to reach out to these young people by commenting on the posts, offering encouragement, making suggestions, and yes, even mentioning things you feel can improve (with tact and respect, of course).

This country has its roots in entrepreneurial endeavors. Many other countries are the same., citing statistics from the U.S. Department of State, says “Fully 99 percent of all independent enterprises in the country employ fewer than 500 people. These small enterprises account for 52 percent of all U.S. workers, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). Some 19.6 million Americans work for companies employing fewer than 20 workers, 18.4 million work for firms employing between 20 and 99 workers, and 14.6 million work for firms with 100 to 499 workers.” Our young entrepreneurs are helping lead that charge. So let’s do what we can to encourage them, helping them see entrepreneurial endeavors are viable career choices!

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About Kerwyn Hodge

Kerwyn Hodge has been an entrepreneur from early on. He’s been both a worker and manager, predominantly in the design and construction industry. Kerwyn transitioned to the Direct Selling industry, and joined LegalShield in July 2009. He works with businesses of all sizes, helping to protect the legal rights and identities of employees and their families, as well as helping to protect and grow small businesses with 100 employees or less. Check out his blog at You can reach him at 646-340-8087, or via email at

2 thoughts on “Say “Y.E.S.” to the Emerging Entrepreneurs!

  1. It’s my pleasure, Darcel! I’ll tweak the program over the next few days and, if I get some sponsors, maybe even offer something to a few of the young people featured. But don’t wait; submit your recommendations!

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